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House Stark

AU Gremma: Honor among Thieves  




Graham looked toward where the siren was singing and glared at her. He breathed a small spell under his breath, building a shield between himself and the creature’s magic. It crackled into life and he sighed quickly. He felt a bit safer with it up.

Now he could just glare at the monster, daring her to come just close enough for him to finish her off.

The siren feeling the tattle tale stir of magic in the air rose an elegant brow and smiled coyly. Merely idlely stirring the waters with the tip of her tail fin. Sending soft ripples through it, As she simply continued with her song. 

"His hair it does in ringlets hang, his eyes as black as sloes,May happiness attend him wherever he goes,From Tower Hill, down to Blackwall, I will wander, weep and moan,All for my jolly sailor bold, until he does return.”

As below the waters and waves some of her many sisters began to encircle the ship quietly coming up from the deep. Watching and waiting for her command. As she began to twirl a strand of her hair about an slender finger. It began to change to a brighter golden hue like it was made of liquid gold  curling tresses. Her smile only a shade away from what one might call wicked. 

Graham looked down as the water began to swirl with the sirens coming out. He wasn’t going to wait for that smirking fish to make the first call. He rose his bow and carefully pointed at one of the sirens who was getting closer. Then he fired, hitting the being in the back.

"Sir—I just jumpstarted this little fight." he called out to the other people on the ship. "So you might want to be prepared."

The siren that had been struck, let out a shriek that was not possible for human vocal cords to make. As the arrow found it’s mark, she clawed at the projectile as she drove down deeper under water. The waves were more than their home it was also their lifeline and there was now blood in the water.

Quinn’s jaw tightened as he nodded grimly, “Aye, so it seems.” His eyes flashed gold for a moment as he intoned toward a more general audience. “All hands to battle stations!” Echoed soon after by Jade’s “Brace Yerselfs!” As they all hurried with practiced hands to do both. Some more eager for a fray then others. As the Daughter’s of the Deep Sea closed in more like sharks than sultry sirens. For first blood had been split.

Quinn’s madly began to turn the wheel, as his keen eyes sighted a few fierce waves beginning to build up ahead in one direction. His one uncottoned ear previously turned toward Graham picked up a sound that chilled his blood a clawing at the back of the ship.” HUNTER!, THEIR GOING FOR THE RUDDER!” He shouted as a howling wind began to pick up and whip toward them from the right shore. 

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So I’m rewatching “The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter” for ficcing purposes and it struck me, whatever happened to Graham’s wolf? Is it still just running around the woods of Storybrooke? Did it get transported back to Storybrooke when they recast the curse? Did it ever attack the Merry Men when they were living like vagrants by the town line? These are the questions I want answers to, damn it!

Me too mate. 

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1x01 Pilot episode of Once Upon A Time:
The scene in which Emma crashes the bug, the wind turns the pages and shows us the flying monkeys from Oz and the caterpillar from Alice in Wonderland. The show then goes on to introduce "Once Upon A Time in Wonderland" at the end of season 2 of OUAT and then season 3B of OUAT was based around Oz and The Wicked Witch. Foreshadowing at it’s finest!

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Just Sayin Hook! – The Ultimate ONE-SIDED Romance… 




Hook wasn’t happy when Emma said she was thinking of leaving town. What is he going to do to ensure that that doesn’t happen?

Kitsis: He is getting fed up because it’s like the entire world cannot resist my charms, why is one person I fall in love with so resistant to me. He is becoming frustrated because he has declared that he will win her heart and she has declared it’s going to be very hard. They are going to be put in a lot of danger this week and we’ll see if romance can even rear its head…. But I’d be depressed if it didn’t.

-The Hollywood Reporter 5/8/14

Ok I read this recent interview from The Hollywood Reporter (as of 5/8/14) with A&E and the OUAT season 3 finale (among many of their other recent interviews), and let me tell you. I am NOT OK, especially regarding the BOLD part. A&E’s idea of Emma’s ultimate romance just rubs me the wrong way. It’s proving a point that many have been saying about Hook and his arrogant views, which is refusing to believe that a woman would or could really say NO to him, albeit in denial on the possibility of a woman’s refusal and tries to push himself constantly at her until he “wins her heart.” A&E’s statement right there just reinforces that it was never really about Emma or her choice. It seems like her choice is being null and void by how Hook can eventually win her like some sort of trophy if he plays the game and tries hard enough. Once again it just reiterates that CS has always been about Hook’s needs and motive rather than it being about two consensual parties with the same reciprocating feelings towards one another.

As Jasmine said it best:


Reminder, this was made for 8 year olds

When have we had concrete “fact” that Emma Swan had any interest in a relationship Hook? The ambiguity is annoyingly played up, even till this day, right up to 3x20 “Kansas” episode. A full season and a half of back and forth (well…more back then forth for Emma) and in all instances Hook’s feelings for her is not enough to put him in the forefront of her mind. Maybe I missed the memo, but if she was in denial with her feelings, it should’ve been made clearer.

People say it’s been planned from the get-go. Let’s backtrack here and see where any of these hints are laid out.

  • 1. Their “Dallance”

During the episode Tallahassee. The first pseudo Hook and Emma “flirtation” was when Emma fell into Hook’s arms…or did she? Turns out she was pulling him back from stepping on a trip wire which would have trapped them both in a cage if they weren’t careful. Emma immediately squirmed uncomfortably in Hook’s so called “embrace” and promptly pushed him away from her.


Totally yells potential True Love when a girl is looking uncomfortable and desperately trying to get away from a man’s grasp. Yep!


Ok so season 2 had some lukewarm interactions between Emma and Hook since after all they were enemies at the time.

How about season 3?

To be fair there were some moments between Emma and Hook:

Like when she smiled at him right before she was about to leave.


But then again that smiles didn’t come back when he unceremoniously woke her dream life in New York…

How about when Emma was joking around with Hook and using magic?


But then again, it was really just her excitement at figuring out how to use magic…

Ok, what about when Hook said “Never thought I see a smile.”

But again she was smiling at her family and because she got her baby brother back.


Did Emma Swan ever have a genuine nice-to-see-you-I-don’t-need-you-to-babysit-for-me look on her face that was only towards Hook?


This is going to be tough…


  • 2. From Villain to uh….Let me think on that…

Hook begins to try and get Emma open up, which is sweet of him, bonding over their shared grief over loosing Nealfire. He even gave her Nealfire sword in memory of him.

But the only weird thing that stuck out in my mind was “Didn’t he almost tried to kill them all yesterday? And didn’t we just learn the fact that Hook sold off Nealfire to Pan, just an episode ago” **Scratching my head here.**

You would think Hook’s previous crimes would be called into question and dealt with since he jumped from his rampaging 300 year revenge for Milah to going the high road and having an eye on Emma in less than 24 hours flat.

I kept waiting for the issue to come up. Perhaps have Hook even acknowledge them and let Emma hear the full story of his past and try to relate. But after 20 episodes…

*Tumbleweeds Rolling…*

To this day Emma still doesn’t seem to have a clue about Hook’s true connection with Milah, Rumple and Neal, or his horrible betrayal to Neal when he was younger. Ultimately it makes her oblivious to the connection Hook has with the father of her child and her child’s grandmother thus taking away her choice to make an informed decision on Hook. Also taking away her opportunity to accept him or not accept him as he is. I’m not saying that Hook should give Emma a laundry list of bad things he’s done but when his bad deeds involves history with her child’s father, grandmother, and grandfather that also unintentionally links with Henry and herself. That’s a BIG DEAL.

All I kept wondering is if he was ever going to:


In fact Hook hasn’t really done much acknowledging on any of his past mishaps, saved for Ariel and even then it was still only the half-truth. We all know Emma is big on secrets and trust. It should be an important factor for Hook to work on since she was quiet pissed at him for secretly taking Henry away and keeping his cursed lips a secret. If she’s pissed at him for this then you can bet, realistically, she would be pissed at him for all the half-truths he’s been telling her.


  • 3. How about the big moment: THE KISS


Now the problem I have with the Hook and Emma kiss is because it all started with that scene right there ^^^^. Being coerced into a kiss. Doesn’t matter if it was meant as a joke. It was still a form of coercion, during a period when Emma was emotionally distraught.

Looking at scenes of Emma’s past suitors, every one of them was initiated by HER, without any form of coercion or sadness, and reciprocated willingly by the other party.



Hell even when she kissed Walsh she had a semblance of a smile on her face. Mind you, Graham and Walsh were post “Neal-hurt-abandonment issues” So I hardly think Emma’s wall are so tough that it’s made of steel. She has the capability to open up to love if she wants to.

What the audience got from her kiss with Hook…


Sheer boredom. Not exactly the face that is surprised, happy, or even elated. In fact Emma said it herself "It was a one time thing" Ultimately comparing it to her many one-night stand type dalliances. Hardly sounds like the kiss of finding her True Love sadly…

  • 4. Hook’s cursed lips…

I don’t really need to explain why Hook’s curse lips was anything but romantic. Yet the writers seems to throw it out there so that we can see them lip lock again indefinitely. What we got out of that whole situation is more confirmation that Emma wasn’t secretly thinking of kissing Hook again anytime soon. Which pretty much translates to a “NO” on her end.


  • Final Thoughts

If the creators want Hook and Emma to end up together that’s fine. I’d be cool with that. After all I ship Jamie and Brianne on Game of Thrones (where Jamie is 100x worse than Hook but has 1000x better redemption story) but the way they’ve built Emma/Hook up just leaves a befuddled mess of the situation. With Hook’s sudden flip to the side of good while remaining unapologetic to pretty much everything he’s done and Emma’s constant push backs towards him even to this day, it confuses the general audience because they played up a little TOO much of the ambiguity. If it was planned from the get-go, couldn’t we get a stronger confirmation of Emma’s interest that doesn’t need to be combed through with a magnifying glass?

If they take the “Emma falls for Killian within 2 episodes” road, the whole pacing of their “romance” will just feel sudden and tacked on because of the lack of foundation built on Emma’s care towards Hook and only Hook that isn’t forced upon by the baddie, coerced into, or just a distraction from pain in some way. We got way more of Emma’s uninterested looks on her face then not which just leaves Hook looking like the creepy stalker that’s too dense to take a hint.

The Simple Breakdown:

What the creators are trying to push Hook as, right now:


What the creators actually ended up representing Hook as, after a season and a half of inconsistent writing:



And the BA CSers and Hook apologist that can’t see past the handsome


And Non-CSers trying to put Hooks actions into context when watching the show



And finally the reaction of BA CSers when Non-CSers try to call out on Hook’s bullshit


The foundation of the Hook and Emma romance isn’t exactly a strong one. Because of the lack of care from Emma on one side and the lack of honesty from Hook on the other, while giving way to the chase and not taking the hint of the lack of interest. Even though Hook helped Emma, Emma doesn’t owe Hook anything but a Thanks, not even a kiss. Because helping someone should be because you truly want to and not because you think that’s what Emma wants and would ultimately repay you by reciprocating whatever feelings Hook has if he did so many good deeds for her.

It just sends a bad message all around.

I really have to question if this is the ultimate True Love we’ve been waiting for? I shudder if it is…

Just Saying Hook!

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I love this with a fiery passion burning deep from within my soul.

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do you ever see a character that’s worshipped by a fandom and go “you’re not that great”

All the time. 

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First still from season 4!


First still from season 4!


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