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House Stark

AU Gremma: Honor among Thieves  




Graham looked toward where the siren was singing and glared at her. He breathed a small spell under his breath, building a shield between himself and the creature’s magic. It crackled into life and he sighed quickly. He felt a bit safer with it up.

Now he could just glare at the monster, daring her to come just close enough for him to finish her off.

The siren feeling the tattle tale stir of magic in the air rose an elegant brow and smiled coyly. Merely idlely stirring the waters with the tip of her tail fin. Sending soft ripples through it, As she simply continued with her song. 

"His hair it does in ringlets hang, his eyes as black as sloes,May happiness attend him wherever he goes,From Tower Hill, down to Blackwall, I will wander, weep and moan,All for my jolly sailor bold, until he does return.”

As below the waters and waves some of her many sisters began to encircle the ship quietly coming up from the deep. Watching and waiting for her command. As she began to twirl a strand of her hair about an slender finger. It began to change to a brighter golden hue like it was made of liquid gold  curling tresses. Her smile only a shade away from what one might call wicked. 

Graham looked down as the water began to swirl with the sirens coming out. He wasn’t going to wait for that smirking fish to make the first call. He rose his bow and carefully pointed at one of the sirens who was getting closer. Then he fired, hitting the being in the back.

"Sir—I just jumpstarted this little fight." he called out to the other people on the ship. "So you might want to be prepared."

The siren that had been struck, let out a shriek that was not possible for human vocal cords to make. As the arrow found it’s mark, she clawed at the projectile as she drove down deeper under water. The waves were more than their home it was also their lifeline and there was now blood in the water.

Quinn’s jaw tightened as he nodded grimly, “Aye, so it seems.” His eyes flashed gold for a moment as he intoned toward a more general audience. “All hands to battle stations!” Echoed soon after by Jade’s “Brace Yerselfs!” As they all hurried with practiced hands to do both. Some more eager for a fray then others. As the Daughter’s of the Deep Sea closed in more like sharks than sultry sirens. For first blood had been split.

Quinn’s madly began to turn the wheel, as his keen eyes sighted a few fierce waves beginning to build up ahead in one direction. His one uncottoned ear previously turned toward Graham picked up a sound that chilled his blood a clawing at the back of the ship.” HUNTER!, THEIR GOING FOR THE RUDDER!” He shouted as a howling wind began to pick up and whip toward them from the right shore. 

It’s inside you, Emma. Save the bridge. Save yourself.

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I say
It runs in the family, 
this famine that carries me
To such great lengths 

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I would be laughing my ass off if Henry knew about everything since he came to Storybrooke. He suddenly just calls Killian ‘Hook’ or something.

They are like ‘…’

He’s like ‘What? It’s so obvious that you guys are fairytale characters jeez. [goes back to his game]’

"Mom, I have the heart of the truest believer. What kind of peasant do you take me for"

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today is the anniversary of the boston marathon bombings.


respect to all the victims and their families today.

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Metatron is what happens when you combine George RR Martin, Steven Moffat, Shakespeare, and Edgar Allen Poe, and then give the resulting mass of character death and angst and such sick joy in it all unlimited power

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